Coronavirus Death Count Exceeds 1100, Fewer New Cases, Stocks Gain

Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

Posted By David Warner, Blog Editor

CNN is providing live updates on the condition of the coronavirus outbreak. The number of related deaths has exceeded 1100 according to the World Health Organization (WHO), sharing this information during a press conference on Wednesday.

Experts are debating on the spread of the virus but experts are disagreeing on whether the reported number of cases and/or deaths have plateaued, based on reports, also on Wednesday, from the Hubei Provence that the lowest number of new coronavirus cases since January were determined. The news is feeding new optimism.

Concerns about the spread of the virus is affecting large planned events. The biggest smartphone conference, Mobile World Congress (MWC), due to take place in Barcelona was cancelled Wednesday over concerns about the coronavirus.

According to Reuters and CNN, President Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, recognized that the coronavirus outbreak could impact the implementation of the U.S./China trade deal.

However, the U.S. Stock Market saw gains as investors are giving more attention to stocks with the signs that the coronavirus spread looks like its slowing, boosting confidence.

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