Launching The WESTbase Blog … Again!

Today is the official launch of our new blog …. Again!

Since the spring of 2019, planning, testing, and configuring the new blog seemed like an endless journey never arriving at the destination. As with everything online, it will always be a work-in-progress (WIP). So, it will be like taking that family trip across country with your 5 year-old in the back of the station wagon asking “Are we there yet?”.

So, What is Launching … Again? What Happened?

The short answer: COVID-19.

A little longer answer: The world changed drastically and we wanted to reevaluate our digital place in the world. Health issues hit our family as well.

A few out there knew what we were developing and anticipating our launch. Earlier in 2020, we had a “soft” launch to test out all of the “bells and whistles” in the blogging software, play with image editing, finding content, leverage with partner companies, etc. All the typical and atypical tasks associated with running a blog.


With 2020 being a severe year of change politically, socially, and clinically, all the well-established markers moved of what was considered a “normal” life. Whatever “normal” was supposed to be in the past. 2020 gave us an ever target-moving new “normal”. Non-normalcy. The “anti-normal”, per se. The year has become a chaotic list of reevaluations, second guessing, and misinformation identification. We had to do the same.

So, Now What … ?

Welcome To The WESTbase Blog … Again!

The Daily Updated Human-Curated Content and News Blog with opinion, commentary, and injected humor where possible. No apologies for “Dad Jokes” in advance. I can see your eyes rolling already!

Some news sites accept feeds from other media outlets through automated processes. Stories may seem similar from one news site to another and the content many not be reviewed manually.

The WESTbase Blog staff (me, myself, and I) aggregates the top news and information sources (blogs, newsletters, news articles, social media posts and influencers discoveries, etc.) with a human editor selecting content. Each category is carefully updated with the best information available, allowing you to see what’s happening around the world from trusted sources.

I’ll be writing posts from the editorial “we” and/or “us” commentary perspective but its definitely, for now, a one man show, an army of one, a solopreneur effort.

Any of my work will always be a collaboration in some kind of fashion with my “staff” by utilizing the many references I’ll need to check. I can’t be the center of attention all of the time!

Thus, the importance of providing Human-Curated content and news assists you by seeing the world through another lens that is not the mainstream media or automatically groomed. Sarcastic humor with a sardonic grin sometimes included where the content found needs just that extra dash of finesse.


Beginning after this post, watch for our human-curated content and news. The posts and articles will begin on a daily basis shortly.

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We post to the blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Parler, Pinterest, and Patreon. All of this content is brought to you by a small team, looking to make it big, The WESTbase Blog Staff (me, myself, and I)!

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Come along with “us” on this wild social media online ride.

We hope you enjoy the experience!

David A. Warner, Founder/Owner
Warner Electronic Systems Team
The WESTbase Blog!

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