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A Place To Learn And Grow Your Online Business By Utilizing Freelance Digital Marketing Techniques And Creating a Social Media Presence.

Greetings! I’m David Warner

I am the creator of The WESTbase Blog and the owner of Warner Electronic Systems Team.

In this blog, I combine my 40+ years of experience in IT computing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and corporations with my expertise in digital and social media marketing.

I’ll provide you real-world suggestions and examples on how to improve your online presence.

Because I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I have the natural ability to link disparate concepts. My strength lies in creative problem solving and the ability to envision connections between seemingly unrelated concepts.

For instance, I am a Freelancer, Blogger, Copywriter, Sarcastic Humorist, Content Creator, Software Developer, Gamer, and Family Caregiver, managing an online business with a social media marketing strategy.

My company, Warner Electronic Systems Team, offers a unique perspective in the information services, digital marketing, and software product businesses.

I’m sharing practical online business strategies that will help achieve real results.

What I Cover Here …

Start Your Online Business

Want to start an Online Business? You’ll find articles about Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing, and how to get started.

Grow Your Traffic Organically

Need to send traffic to your Online Business? You’ll find articles about marketing your business and grow your traffic organically through Social Media.

Need to monetize your Online Business? Tips on how to promote products/services through SEO/SEM and Link Building plus where to get your unique links.

Check Out The Blog!

You’ll find “how-to” and resource articles that cover many aspects to growing your online business. Like any other blog, this blog is a work-in-progress (WIP) and growing a digital life of its own! There are a lot of articles in the pipeline. So, be sure to check back often to see the latest additions and updates.

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