Coronavirus Coping Resources for Stress, Anxiety

In these challenging times of stay-at-home isolation, impending worries about contracting a new and unknown virus, concerns about family and loved ones, job lay-offs, unattainable budgets, the uncertain outcome of this viral outbreak creates stress for us all and looking for a way to cope.

Not all coping solutions are healthy, especially when we are not necessarily taught to identify beneficial coping tools. Learn about how mental health is so important to our overall health:

Here are some mental health resources for your reference. More resources will be added here as they are discovered. If you would like to suggest a resource be added to the list, please submit your information via our Contact Us page.

Later on in this article are resources listed by state/region. Please locate your state/region and contact a medical or health-care professional that you feel you can trust to discuss your feelings and concerns.

COVID-19 Resource Information

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Support Helplines & Grants

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

World Health Organization (WHO)

COVID-19 Health Alerts (WhatsApp)

Initiating a chat conversation using this weblink with WHO shows the following dialog to get information via WhatsApp.

An example of the dialog begins here:

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What would you like to know about coronavirus?

Reply with a number (or emoji) at any time to get the latest information on the topic:

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Choose a topic by the associated number to interact with WHO directly through WhatsApp.

Local Services

211 provides locally curated social services information in the U.S. and most of Canada. Find out more about 211 at their “About” page. About 211 |

Call, text, or chat with your local 211 to speak with a community resource specialist in your area and ask about finding services and resources that are available to you. has a specific Coronavirus information page. If you need assistance finding food, paying housing bills, or other essential services, use the search bar on the weblink below to find your local 211 or dial 211 to speak to someone who can help.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic |

Crisis Text Line

If you are Anxious about Coronavirus, Text HOME to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor. They are there to help.

A live, trained Crisis Counselor receives the text and responds, all from their secure online platform. The volunteer Crisis Counselor will help you move from a hot moment to a cool moment.

Click this weblink for more information about the Crisis Text Line .

Internet Resources


Coping information can be delivered to your email inbox as well.

USA Today: Staying Apart, Together

Found in this USA Today article, the delivered twice-a-week email newsletter, Staying Apart, Together, is about coping with the pandemic and its effect on your life.

Additional U.S. Mental Health Resources By U.S. State


Cal Hope Connect

CalMHSA helps fund, develop, and implement mental health services at the state, regional, and local levels. We are delivering crisis counseling support for Californians impacted by COVID-19, with funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

CalMHSA is part of the Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program run by the California Department of Health Care Services, in response to the COVID-19 emergency. See CalHOPE for more state resources.

Contact CalHOPE Connect for more information.

Sunshine Behavioral Health

This resource discusses how people in recovery can still receive treatment and support during COVID-19 pandemic quarantine and shelter-in-place orders.

Here are some highlights:

  • Non-Profit hotlines and sources
  • Social distancing information
  • What is Tele-health
  • Online support group information

There is an absence of information regarding online recovery options during this health crisis. Their goal is to spread education and awareness.

How to Receive Treatment During the Corona Shutdown | Sunshine Behavioral Health


The Recovery Village Umatilla

The Recovery Village is dedicated to providing treatment to those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.

In order to continue to assist those in recovery and decrease the spread of COVID-19, The Recovery Village team has launched a Teletherapy Program. Those in need now have access to one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and various online services virtually with a licensed professional, improving their chances of a successful recovery.

Follow this link for more information:

Online Substance Abuse Counseling & Teletherapy | The Recovery Village Telehealth App


Ark Behavioral Health

Ark Behavioral Health Is an accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, that believes addiction treatment should not just address “how to stay sober” but needs to transform the life of the addict and empower him or her to create a more meaningful and positive life. We are dedicated to transforming the despair of addiction into a purposeful life of confidence, self-respect and happiness. We want to give recovering addicts the tools to return to the outside world completely substance-free and successful.

COVID-19 Mental Health And Addiction Resources

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center Locations

Ark Behavioral Health | Main Site

Washington State

The Recovery Village Ridgefield

Stress is a major relapse trigger for people who struggle with substance abuse issues. Understanding how to safely cope with the current coronavirus situation is of paramount importance to getting through this pandemic.

People are experiencing a significant increase in anxiety and stress levels when they see how COVID-19 spreads at great speed throughout the world and particularly because there is still a lot of unknown information about the virus or its cure.

Discover tips on how to effectively manage stress without abusing drugs or alcohol:

Stress and Substance Abuse | The Recovery Village Ridgefield
Anxiety and Substance Abuse | The Recovery Village Ridgefield

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